Green Remodelers are Working

Even during challenging economic times, green remodelers are staying busy. Why?

Today’s consumers want comfortable homes, lower energy bills, healthy air for their children to breathe and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their home will last a lifetime. Trained green building professionals are uniquely positioned to deliver on homeowners’ desires.


Intensive 2-Day Classroom Program

In this two-day course, David Johnston teaches participants how to approach a home from the green building mindset. Seminars will cover indoor air quality, resource conservation and energy efficiency from a remodeler’s perspective. Using his 30 years of experience in construction, solar energy and green design, Johnston will give you the tools to build more efficient homes that are healthy for the client.

Who Should Attend?

The course is geared towards anyone involved in the building industry especially those in the remodeling business. The course attracts trades people, general contractors, production home builders, architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals.

For Remodels and New Homes, Multi- and Single- Family

The principles and practices in the course apply at all levels of residential construction, from single-room renovations to production built communities.

Practical Information You Can Use Immediately
This course is designed to provide students with useful information that can be applied on the jobsite or in the home right away. Participants leave the class armed with real world, affordable solutions.

Green Advantage Certification

The Green from the Ground Up course prepares professionals to take the Green Advantage Certification Exam.

FALL 2010!

Seattle, WA - October 19 - 20

Edgewater Hotel

Laguna, CA - October 26 - 27

Hotel Laguna Resort Conference Center

Attend and You’ll:

LEARN the latest in green practices, technologies and techniques

HEAR how to build green, yet beautiful and affordable homes

LEAVE the course armed with real-world solutions that can be applied to the jobsite right away

BE PREPARED for the Green Advantage Certification Exam



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